Meet the college student who changed the face of new media

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Diversing the Trends

Behold the majestic millennial. These mysterious creatures often strike fear in the hearts of old media, despite the fact that they have been known to spend up to eighteen hours a day consuming content.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only disconnect – minority millennials are severely under-represented in that media, creating a disconnect between the content that inundates their lives and their own personal stories.

That frustration led Morgan DeBaun to found Blavity – a media outlet for black millennials – while she was still a student at Washington University in St. Louis.

“Literally everything that we’re doing is consuming and creating content,” she told us, “and I was frustrated because I didn’t see content and stories that reflected the things my friends and I talked about in real life.”

Blavity began life in 2014 as a video newsletter, to little success. But when DeBaun launched a blog that told the stories of the videos’ makers, it wasn’t long before the blog’s audience far surpassed video views.

Today, Blavity works with sixty contributing writers from across the nation, creating content that targets young, black, creative professionals living in urban centers – they cover everything from celebrity gossip to political analysis. In just over a year, they’ve garnered over a million readers.

Although DeBaun has bootstrapped Blavity with some advertising dollars, she is currently seeking funding to expand the platform’s offering.

You can check out Blavity here.

Now go forth (and find a voice).