Meet 9 of New York’s Best New Fintech Startups

Fintech's Finest

Given the inescapable presence of Wall Street brass and Silicon Alley’s growing influence, New York is a natural home for fintech startups.

Check out nine of New York’s best new fintech startups.


Lemonade FintechOffering protection for both renters and owners, Lemonade’s bot-based application allows users to get their home or apartment insured in minutes and resolve claims with equal speed.


With a focus on the unique earnings curves and career paths of contemporary women, Ellevest offers investment and financial planning services that are uniquely calibrated to the needs of feminine finances. 


Assessing individual business needs with an intelligent automated review of user input, CoverWallet is a tech platform that matches entrepreneurs with necessary insurance protections and providers down to the fine-grain particulars. 


Pivoting from a broader mission that allowed peer-to-peer payments on social platforms, Current now focuses on helping parents financially empower young children with efficient and educational spending tools.


Offering app-based tools that allow users to manage personal spending, Exeq offers young earners an analysis of their current spending habits so they can better budget in the future.


mio fintech
Focusing on the United States expanding Latino population, MoneyMio is a bilingual set of financial tools that seek to empower and educate America’s underserved Spanish-speaking consumers.


Injecting efficiency into the often cumbersome mortgage application process, ​Morty provides users a single platform to submit data and compare results from various home-finance lenders.

Clarity Money

More than just a passive accumulator of user financial data, Clarity Money seeks to help consumers save by actively intervening on behalf of its users. The app automatically intervenes to reign in unnecessary spending and excise wasteful recurring expenses.


Helping freelancers track and manage everything from invoicing and expenses to contracts and billable hours, AND CO  is an app-based tech solution that streamlines otherwise-difficult business-side tasks for the self-employed.