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Meet 9 Sharing Economy Startups You Might Have Missed

That's one heck of a backyard.

Share Necessities

The sharing economy, ironically, isn’t so good at sharing the spotlight. Most news coverage centers around two big players – Uber and Airbnb. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a wealth of other “collaborative consumption” players out there. Check out nine of the more unusual sharing economy startups you might have missed.

Snow Big Deal
Syracuse, New York’s Plowz and Mowz is putting the teenage boys in your neighborhood out of business – the apps allow users to book a landscaper or snow plow on demand. The Northeast’s brutal winter proved a godsend for Plowz – the company made a killing in Boston, where they have over 225 trucks operating.

GoFor is drone-on-demand app that seems like a futuristic dream come true. Sadly, the service is just that – a dream. The thought experiment of graphic artist Alex Cornell, there’s still a possibility that GoFor will come to fruition – he’s had employees from both Google and Texas Instruments asking to help on the “startup”. And San Francisco’s Skycatch offers WorkMode, connecting certified drone pilots with companies that have mapping data needs. The FAA’s murky drone regulations limit the service’s availability in the US, however.

Spot Test
Parking – the bane of every urbanite’s existence. (Well, one of many banes.) While several apps tried and failed to profit off the shady legality of selling public parking spaces, MonkeyParking was one of the few survivors, after pivoting to focus on privately-owned parking spots. CARMAnation runs a similar operation in San Francisco, though with a feel-good element – parking spot owners can either keep the money they earn or choose to donate it to a charity picked within the app.

Let’s Make a Wheel
Why should vehicle rental be limited to a compact car or unwieldy moving van? Santa Monica’s Spinlister lets users rent unused bikes, skis, snowboards, and surfboards. The three-year-old company is live in more than 100 countries.

Open the Water Closet
Despite the seemingly inevitable copyright infringement lawsuit, Airpnp’s business model is founded on one inescapable demand – the need for relief. The app offers apartment and home dwellers the chance to rent out their bathrooms to those poor souls in search of a commode. Thus far, the year-old app’s popularity appears to be based on novelty and urine-related puns (“entre-pee-neurship”).

Yard Labor
Meet Campinmygarden.com – the name pretty much explains it all. Launched in 2011, the site offers camping spaces that range from a bare plot of land to ideal glamping locations spot (that “glamorous camping”, for the unitiated).

You’ve Got Sail
Much like T-Pain, you too can be on a boat. Sailo lets boat owners list their private crafts for rent. While other sites have tried to run the same service, Sailo is unique in that certified captains can also register on the site, offering their services to the nautically challenged.


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