Meet our favorite 2015 stories that defy categorization

Ducks are so 2014.

The Irregulars

Here’s to the irregulars, the outliers, the issues that lack easy classification. In short, here’s our best of the rest of 2015. See you in the new year!

Drone Up
Sure drones are the hottest Christmas gift this side of hoverboards, but it turns out they’re good for more than just Santa, surveillance, and generally acting the nuisance. Check out the 11 strangest use for drones we’ve seen.

The Final Frontier
Dying is easy, comedy is hard – or so the hacks would have us believe. At the very least, death is an enormous nuisance. Meet 17 startups disrupting death.

Hackers in Blue
The long arm of the law doesn’t end with Facebook. You should know about 15 ways cops are using your favorite social media platforms.

Heads Up
If tech has found a way to invade the American Way of Death, then surely they’re not going to stay out of that sanctum sanctorum known as the bathroom. Check out the myriad ways startups are upgrading your toilette.

Now go forth (and Happy New Year!).


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