Meet seven futuristic hotels using technology to upgrade your stay

I didn't escape Jurassic World for this.

Space-Age Comfort

In 2015, an extraordinary hotel experience should mean more than chocolate on pillows and a minibar. That’s why some locations are turning to technology to create unforgettable stays. Here are seven hotels looking toward the future.

Automated Alfred

Way back in the 1960s, The Jetsons imagined a robot maid – two Starwood-owned Silicon Valley hotels are finally delivering. Earlier this year, the Aloft Cupertino introduced A.L.O. Botlr, an undeniably adorable robot that delivers toothpaste, towels, snacks and other necessities to your room. Starwood has been testing tech upgrades throughout its chains, offering touch-screen mirrors, Apple Watch room access, and smart-room technology.

Stuff of Nightmares?

Earlier this month, Nagasaki’s Henn-na Hotel garnered the dubious distinction of being the first hotel in the world to be staffed almost entirely by robots. The hotel features three robotic receptionists (one of them is a talking dinosaur), four service and porter robots, as well as a robotic cleaning crew. Just don’t rent Ex Machina or Westworld from pay-per-view.

The Only Living Robot in New York

Midtown Manhattan’s Yotel New York is mere steps from Times Square, but the real show is inside. The hotel features an industrial-sized machine-arm (named Yobot) that automatically sorts and stores luggage. The affordably-priced hotel is geared toward the budget-conscious millennial traveller, but still offers super-strength wifi, a “technowall,” and convertible beds that can glide up the wall into different positions.

Spanish Style

The NH Collection Eurobuilding in Madrid features one technological marvel after another. Enter the lobby and view the largest vaulted LED screen in Europe. If you can’t make a business meeting at the hotel, no worries – 3D holographic technology allows you be there without actually being there. Some rooms are also a part of their “Living Labs” project, where guests can choose to test new technology.

Feel the Heat

Avoid awkward hotel staff encounters at the Hotel 1000 in Seattle, where heat-detecting sensors allow the front staff to know whenever a room is occupied. Meanwhile, London’s hub by Premier Inn offers electronic check-in, an Apple Watch for the duration of your stay, and their own app, which functions as keycard, light dimmer, restaurant menu, and more.

Block It Out

On the other end of the spectrum, one luxury hotel in Germany uses technology to make your stay more medieval. Rooms at the Villa Stephanie spa and resort in Baden-Baden are built inside a copper grid, making it possible to completely block wifi signals, and forcing guests to focus on their beautiful surroundings. Prepare to pay a price for your lack of amenities, however – the rooms start at $1,200 per night.

Now go forth (and enjoy the future).