Meet the next generation of environmentally friendly food carts from Move Systems

Image courtesy Move Systems

Clean Eats

Those Asian fusion vegan tacos being served from a food truck outside your office building smell like heaven, sure – as long as you ignore the diesel fumes spewing from the truck itself.

In fact, an average food cart produces as much nitrous oxide as 186 cars, according to an Energy Vision study – so Queens-based Move Systems is aiming to introduce 500 environmentally friendly food carts to New York City by next summer.

The carts, dubbed MRV100s, are solar and battery-powered, made of stainless steel, and provided to partner vendors for free – Move aims to make money by selling alternative fuels such as natural gas, as well as on-cart advertising and credit card swipes.

“The people of New York City rely on these (vendors) for fast, affordable, very tasty food,” MOVE CEO James Meeks said. “However, these vendors are often operating in carts that are creating pollution in their environment, making it difficult for them to breathe.”

Last month, New York real estate firm Fisher Brothers announced a undisclosed seven-figure investment in Move Systems.

“The food cart industry and building owners don’t have a great relationship,” partner Winston Fisher said. “We can lead by example and show what a healthy relationship can look like.”

You can learn more about Move Systems here.

Now go forth (and eat up).