Mind control and the death of cash


Worth the squeeze?

One could look back at the decade gone by and marvel at humankind’s numerous technological achievements. Or, one could remember the Juicero. 

Have a chuckle and perhaps shed a tear while remembering these 16 product fails that defined the decade, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

Then, take a look at these open product roles, and help ensure that your next company steers clear of the 2030 iteration of this list.

Who are you?

How do you describe yourself to a new acquaintance? Does that description entail anything that couldn’t also be found in your LinkedIn bio? 

Here’s a compelling Harvard Business Review essay on the very real pitfalls of “career enmeshment,” which occurs when individuals become so devoted to their careers that they lose all other sense of identity. 

Keep it simple, software

In the immortal words of a noted Canadian philosopher*: Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated? 

According to TechCrunch contributor Jon Evans, increasingly complex systems — ranging from technology to societies to geopolitics — are at risk of leaving us simple human folk in the dust

Software engineers, that means it’s evermore important that you pay down technical debt and take measures to avoid accruing more. Perhaps you can help lead the charge at these hiring companies.

(*Avril Lavigne)

Where is my mind?

Conversely, we could all stop trying to keep up with an increasingly complex technological world and just surrender our minds to machines entirely. Here’s a fascinating/terrifying look at the next wave of neuroscience tech

Where is my cash?

Many millennia ago, barley grains and cowry shells ushered in the era of physical cash as a means for exchange. Seem quaint? Soon, so may that twenty dollar bill in your pocket. 

Per Technology Review, the race towards a cashless society presents plenty of concerns — chief among them, financial privacy — that even decentralized currencies may be ill-equipped to address. 

That said, the fintech industry is sure to have its hands full for years to come. That means many open gigs.


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