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Jimmy could turn his cranium transparent.

Silicon Valley’s NeuroSky will make you telekinetic

Kids today have all the luck. While it’s unclear if they’ll ever see universal healthcare, there are already innumerable sci-fi dreams – omnipresent robots, 3D printers, and self-driving cars – come to life.

You can add telekinesis to the list.

Founded in 2004 NeuroSky is a technology company based out of San Jose, California – they make Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and EEG devices for the consumer market.

Those “devices” are exactly what you think they are – awesome, terrifying headsets that allow users to control the external world using nothing but the power of their brain.

By monitoring electrical brainwaves from the forehead, the NeuroSky headsets can determine the intensity of various mental states – their products have applications in the education, health, and gaming sphere.

They’ve worked with everyone from the US Archery team – helping train archers in concentration – to Uncle Milton – with whom they collaborated on the Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer.

If you’d like to work for NeuroSky, they’ve got eight open positions in their Silicon Valley headquarters. Check them out here.

Or if you’re just looking to unlock the hidden powers of your mind, you can check out the full line of (surprisingly affordable) NeuroSky products here.

Now go forth (and concentrate…).


Nitty Gritty:

1890: Year the word “telekinesis” was coined by Alexander N. Aksakov

$1MM: Prize money offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation for producing a paranormal event

Forkbend.com: A great, no-nonsense resource for intro level fork-bending



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