Mo devices mo problems? This smart rock can help.

The Dojo Rock

Rock On

Our internet-connected thermostats, appliances, and light bulbs promise an easier life, but not necessarily a more secure one. Smart-fridges leak email credentials; smart TVs record and save voice commands; even baby monitors are vulnerable.

Cyber-security company Dojo-Labs wants to make homes secure even as we add more and more gadgets to them. “We all lock our front doors, and yet our devices are wide open,” said Yossi Atias, co-founder and CEO of Dojo-Labs. “Our homes contain our most intimate data, but the security of these things is an afterthought.”

Dojo, the company’s first product, monitors the connected devices in your home with three main components: a Wi-Fi-connected dock, a message-based app to alert users to potential security threats, and a plastic pebble that glows when it detects activity on your devices. Setup is simple: plug the dock into your wifi router and your IoT devices are automatically discovered.

The rock, designed by the industrial designer responsible for the original FitBit, elevates the low-tech pet rock into something mentally and technically comforting.

All home data traffic is sent to the company’s cloud platform to be scanned and analyzed for unusual or suspicious activity. Dojo’s algorithms work by learning to identify unusual activity by comparing your devices to others. “We know the expected behavior of each device,” said Atias. “We have a network view. It’s not just home by home… [W]e can compare similar devices or similar models [and ask], ‘Why is your Nest behaving different than mine?'”

Dojo is available for pre-orders on Amazon Launchpad for $99. The company plans to start shipping in March.

Now go forth (and rock on).