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Sorry, buddy, but you've been replaced with a phone.

The MTailor app delivers custom-tailored shirts for only $69

While ecommerce is great for everything from electronics to whatever this is, buying clothes online is still tough. The stuff has to fit.

MTailor offers men personally-tailored, customized shirts – flannels, formal wear, and button-down – for as little as $69, and without ever having to be man-handled by a tailor wielding a measuring tape.

The mobile app films video of the user before rendering a full 3D body scan which is then used to take digital measurements. MTailor promises that their technology delivers a shirt fit that’s 20% more accurate than that from a professional tailor. And if the shirt doesn’t fit, they’ll take it back or remake it for free.

“We started it part time at Stanford in senior year,” cofounder Miles Penn told us. “We met with a lot of computer vision professors who said it couldn’t work, but we spent a year doing R&D developing the tech and making it happen.”

MTailor plans to introduce suits and pants in the next year. They’re currently finishing the program at YCombinator this month, presenting at the accelerator’s Demo Day next Tuesday.

Download MTailor for iOS here.

Now go forth (and upgrade).


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