MyTransHealth helps the trans community find inclusive and respectful doctors

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Patient's Progress

The transgender community experiences ignorance and a lack of respect on a regular basis. However, when a trans person encounters those characteristics in her doctor, the situation can quickly become dangerous.

The founders of MyTransHealth know this struggle well – all four are transgender. So they came together to create an online resource that helps the transgender community find “qualified and culturally competent” doctors in their neighborhoods.

Amelia Gapin is the CTO of MyTransHealth and a trans woman living in NYC. She told us, “A lot of the times doctors won’t use the correct names and pronouns. If I go on and say, ‘My name is Amelia’ with she/her pronouns, they won’t respect that. And a lot of times they treat you more like you’re a science experiment than an actual human being.”

Given the difficulties of transitioning in many communities across the nation, this lack of adequate and understanding healthcare professionals exacerbates a stressful situation. The transgender community already faces considerable hurdles, with alarmingly high rates of HIV and suicide.

MyTransHealth plans to screen all their doctors personally, taking into consideration qualifications such as experience in treating the transgender community and a documented percentage of transgender patients.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in which they raised more than $30,000, MyTransHealth will launch this fall in New York City, San Francisco, and Miami.

You can learn more about MyTransHealth here.

Now go forth (and stay healthy).


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