Nameless.tv offers a better way to watch internet video

Catch the SimpsonWave.

Get It Together

Just when the experience of live TV seemed dead, it’s come roaring back like some snarling White Walker. In fact, the entire phenomenon of alone together appears to be on the wane.

In the last few months, weekend hacks like &chill
or Share Tube, and the Netflix Party Chrome extension, promising to let you and your friends watch online video simultaneously, have all seen a big response from the Product Hunt crowd.

Now the Brooklyn startup Nameless.tv is joining the synchronicity scene, adding a slew of features like real-time chat, as well as offering highly curated content channels in everything from 90s Nostalgia to Drone Tourism. Viewers tune in to a channel and simply watch and chat, just like Mom used to do.

“The more narrow we go, the better the content is, and the better the audience engagement is,” Kareem Rahma, CEO and cofounder, told us. “It just becomes a better experience for everyone.”

In a way, Nameless seeks to use the classic TV experience – watching together and in real-time – to answer a very contemporary phenomenon – content overload.

“Video discovery on the internet is impossible,” Rahma said. “When you step into YouTube or Vimeo or any of these places it feels like stepping into Blockbuster – endless choices, endless content. So we like the idea of simplifying that by saying ‘Here’s what’s on right now’. There’s no other place on the internet that’s delivering content like this – an endless loop of amazing things.”

Launched in beta in February, Nameless has already attracted nearly a quarter million users who spend an average of seven minutes on the site.

Check out Nameless right here.