Nebia Shower is a showerhead like no other

Image courtesy Nebia

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Showers are notoriously inefficient – we’re talking ice bucket challenge-level inefficient – to the extent that the average American uses 20 gallons of water just to rinse off.

Meet the Nebia Shower, a showerhead that cuts typical water usage by 70% – and figures to make the experience more pleasant in the process.

The key to the Nebia’s efficiency is its array of atomizing nozzles, a tech historically used for tasks like agricultural irrigation and fuel injection. The nozzles disperse the droplets over an area more than five size the area of a typical shower, saving both water and the energy required for hot water.

Nebia’s exterior hardware also boasts some impressive tech, featuring a head that rotates up to 45 degrees, an adjustable bracket and arm to provide the perfect angle for all heights, and a wand.

Based out of drought-stricken California, the Nebia has attracted a massive backing of over $2.5 million on Kickstarter, and has even gained the support of Tim Cook – Apple has reportedly already installed Nebia showerheads at their corporate campus.

You can pledge $299 to reserve your own Nebia here, though you won’t receive it until May of next year.

Now go forth (and rinse off).