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Never Waste Time Scheduling Meetings Again With These Five Tools

Calendar darts is always a good time.

Save The Date

How is it possible that a 30 minute meeting typically requires three hours of scheduling and an endless email chain? Thankfully a few startups are trying to take the pain out of scheduling meetings. Check out these resources.

Just the Basics

With no bells or whistles (literally), When is Good is quiet and simple. Just highlight the times that work best for you – you can schedule by 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or block off the whole day if you need to. Send the link to anyone and everyone. All you need to do is hold onto the confirmation code so you can access the results page.

Keep Your Options Open

Congregar is set up to be as quick and painless as possible to pick a day to meet. To create an event, all you need is your name and email. Fill in the title and the description of your event, pick some days that work best for you, and send it off to your invitees. The only downfall to this one is that you can’t pick specific times.

Crowd Sourcing Good Times

Doodle has a wide range of options. For those afraid of commitment, you can make a poll without an account. Just create an event to set up some time options, and you’ll get the results of the poll emailed to you, no sign-up required. However, Doodle offers more to the person constantly scheduling, from their free accounts to let you track multiple polls and sync your calendars to the premium features that offer an ad-free, professional experience.

For the Manic Meeter

Calendly is for the busy person who has trouble setting up a meeting with just one person, let alone an entire group. It’ll sync with your calendar and set up a schedule that you can send off. Whoever you’re meeting with can surf through your available appointment times and pick one that works best for them.

Be Prepared

Wiggio is a bit more than an appointment scheduler. It will require a free account, but from there you can set up your own group. Within the group, you can set up times to meet in person, or you can plan conference calls and send email, text, and voice messages, all within the site. You can also upload and share files, poll in real time, and create to-do lists and assign tasks.