A New Focus for Intel

Just another day at the office (via GIPHY)

With each weekly edition of Intel, we strive to empower our readers to pursue their best work life possible. 

Of course, what work life entails has changed dramatically in recent days. Therefore, so will Intel. We’ll continue to bring you compelling reads from all over the Internet, but you can expect a renewed focus on remote work content. 

Stay safe out there, friends.

Home, Safe Home

Let’s dive right in: here’s NPR on how remote work is going ‘viral’ — their unfortunate pun, not ours — in the age of the coronavirus.

Of course, some jobs are more remote-friendly than others. Here’s a long list of remote openings worth exploring if you’re in need of a work-from-home opportunity.

One Big Conference Room

You’ve probably participated in your fair share of virtual meetings prior to COVID-19. 

That said, the prospect of your work life and social life consisting almost entirely of Google Hangouts and Zoom conferences likely sounds a bit daunting. 

Here’s Harvard Business Review with a helpful guide to keeping virtual meetings fresh, and dare we say, even fun.

Think Outside The Box

Have you ever found a job through a dating app or tracked your chores using Trello? Here’s Wired with a rundown of creative ways to use popular apps in unexpected ways. 

The History of the URL

Got time for a longread? We always appreciate when tech companies post compelling blog posts, but this incredibly well-researched CloudFlare deep dive into the history of the URL goes above and beyond. 



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