New Kid on the Block

Sad, boring blocks like this are now a thing of the past.

littleBits is changing the future of play

As much as we’re consumed with our iPads, there’s nothing quite like LEGO blocks to trigger the fun center of our brain (which is presumably adjacent to the giggle neurons). Sometimes all the virtual can feel a bit empty.

In 2007 Ayah Bdeir was a financial software consultant, trapped in a world of credit default swaps and imaginary wealth when she quit her job for a more substantial pursuit – making sets of bricks with electronic components.

Those bricks became littleBits, a set of individual electronics modules that snap together like LEGOs to create anything from spinning gears to flying helicopters.

(For a quick tour, check out their promo video.)

“Electronics intimidate people,” Bdeir has said. “But as we’re completely surrounded by technology in nearly every part of our lives, intimidation is no longer a valid excuse.”

Bdeir spent four years bootstrapping the company before launching the product in 2011. The response has been overwhelming – MoMA acquired littleBits for its permanent collection, Bdeir’s TED talk has been seen over half a million times, and the company has been featured everywhere from the Today Show to the New York Times.

The startup is currently hiring at least ten open positions in their Union Square offices. Check them out here.

Now go forth (and giggle).


Nitty Gritty:

1958: Year the modern LEGO was released

915MM: # of possible ways to combine six LEGO bricks

“Det bedste er ikke for godt”: the motto of LEGO (“The best is never too good.”)