New Museum incubator NEW INC’s offers a Demo Day on its first birthday

PARTY unveils their VR motion-sickness pills.

Out With the Old Inc

When art and commerce collide, the results typically embody the worst of both worlds, careening between gaudy spectacle and cognitive dissonance.

The New Museum’s NEW INC – the first museum-led incubator – is trying to improve on that track record. To mark their first birthday, the incubator held a demo day last week, revealing what some of the not-for-profit’s 100 members are working on – the results were both profoundly weird and weirdly professional.

On the buttoned-up end of the spectrum, platforms like Better, a community-centric website creator, and Monegraph, a digital content marketplace, both offered up impressive displays. NewHive, at least, brought some weird to the platform game – the publisher offers a blank canvas for creating next-wave digital psychedelia.

There were also impressive tech feats on display, largely centered around experimental filmmaking techniques. Specular are using the Microsoft Kinect to capture 3D forms from HD video cameras. And Satellite Lab have developed a newly patented method for moving light sources in high-speed imaging – the tech is more easily seen than explained.

Thankfully, there were some completely impractical, utterly strange, and strangely compelling demos as well. Tokyo and New York-based creative lab PARTY revisited their old hit, Disco Dog, and revealed Virmo, a pill to relieve “Virtual Reality Motion Sickness”.

Cotton Candy Theremin 2, from artists Emilie Baltz and Philip Sierzega, combines the classic carnival attraction with the space-age sounds of the theremin.

If you want to check out NEW INC’s offerings IRL, the presenters’ work is on public display at Red Bull Studios through July 30th.

And if you want to learn more about NEW INC, check them out here.

Now go forth (and do the new).