Class Half Full

Contently drops some knowledge

A new product for you. From Uncubed.

As the great Tony Robbins has profoundly said, “In life, you need either inspiration or desperation.”

We’re pleased to report that it’s inspiration that we’re dealing with over here, folks. We’ve launched a new product. Inspired by you.

Introducing Uncubed Edge. These are short, on-demand videos featuring the very web-based skills you need to excel in digital jobs – all taught by companies you admire (or soon will).

You’ll see short tutorials covering tech, design, and business skills. So far we’ve had Contently dish on how they grew their online audience by 500%+ in a matter of months. And Gilt has shown how using Meta-SQL saved them from writing thousands of lines of code. We have classes on the way from Chartbeat, Sumall, Mediamorph and dozens of others – you can expect a new one just about every week. All of these companies are hiring, too.

We created this because you asked for it. In surveying our audience in person and online, we heard you say you want to learn more about the skills you need and the companies you love. We tried to achieve both with this product.

We’re still going to improve a whole heck of a lot. And you can help with that – in addition to learning lots – by signing up and joining us now.

Stupidly, we’re offering lifetime subscriptions to our current readers at $7/mo. We’ve seen cups of coffee cost seven bucks. And you’re getting this deal for life. You can cancel at any time, so there’s no real risk. Other than missing the chance to save 63% for life – prices are soon going to be $19 per month.

Sign up now right here, for $7/month for life, cancelable at any time.

If no one signs up, then our inspiration will turn to desperation. Then what do we do, Tony?

Now go forth (and awaken the giant within!).