The Bell Tolls

Image courtesy Pavlok

The new wearable Pavlok uses electric shocks to encourage good behavior

There’s an endless array of apps and gadgets that are meant to inspire healthy behavior – unfortunately they’re no match for a sofa and Netflix.

Enter Pavlok, a new wearable that has cracked the simplest of human codes. With electric shocks.

Users pick a behavior they want to change and when they fail to do so they receive a small electric shock. It’s like Invisible Fence for your personal boundaries.

The Indiegogo project – it’s already raised more than $150k from a $50k goal – promises the wearable will help with just about any quantifiable habit you want to change: smoking, over-eating, or skipping the gym.

The device employ internal sensors, internet data, and public APIs to monitor behavior – when users fail to live up to their goals, zap! “Anything that can be measured can be changed,” creator Maneesh Sethi told us.

Maybe tough love is the answer after all.

You can preorder the Pavlok for $149 here.

Now go forth (and get shocked).