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New York Public Library provides digital training and access to all

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If you don’t frequent your local library, you may imagine it as a place of dusty hardcovers and dustier 90s-era desktops.

In reality, the New York Public Library is in the midst of a tech renaissance. The 120-year-old institution has become one of the city’s biggest players in providing digital training and access to underserved communities.

In December, the NYPL started loaning wifi hotspots to New York residents who are enrolled in library and adult learning programs but don’t have internet access at home.

And earlier this month, the New York Daily News reported that the library’s free coding classes boast a waitlist of thousands of applicants, and perhaps an even more impressive number: 73% of its students are women.

“I think people are finding out that coding is a way to really get yourself out there in the tech world. You don’t have to necessarily go to a standard school,” associate director of technology training programming Brandy McNeil said.

NYPL TechConnect is the library’s free tech education program, with classes at over 80 branches in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. You can check out all of TechConnect’s offerings here.

Now go forth (and be studious).


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