New York startup Swipecast hopes to reinvent how models get jobs

Screenshots courtesy Swipecast

Swipe a Pose

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Surely even the biggest Tyra fan knows that making it as a model involves more than just covering yourself with bees and presenting your best smize.

Unfortunately, it also involves endless dealings with agents, photographers, editors, and more.

Enter Swipecast, which launched last month as the “Uber for modeling”. The app allows photographers and editors to book and hire models without the typical agency middlemen getting in the way.

“A lot of the process from how models are scouted, to how they are booked, to how they communicate with clients has so many extra levels…it just doesn’t make any sense,” founder Peter Fitzpatrick said.

The New York-based startup vets both clients and models to ensure some level of safety. It also pays better – typically agencies take a 30 to 40% cut of a model’s fee. Swipecast only collects 10%. And considering the global female modeling industry reaps more than $4 billion annually, that 10% can add up fast.

Currently a team of six, Swipecast hopes to expand the site to include stylists, hair and makeup artists, and more.

You can learn more about the app and download it here

Now go forth (and strike a pose).