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New York’s 1stdibs is the best kept secret in tech

Sure, if you want to buy the new Dan Brown book or a nacho cheese fountain, you know where to look online (Amazon and Craigslist, respectively). But what if you were looking for something more unique, and a whole lot more high-end?

1stdibs is not the kind of online marketplace that will help you find a lightly used Aeron. Instead you can pick up a pair of Deco club chairs for $7200, or splurge on a David Hockney chair/sculpture that will run you just under $400k.

“It’s a luxury experience,” Adam Karp, 1stdibs CMO, told us. “We’re one of the few online properties that is organically online and a luxury experience, and we infuse that throughout.”

Founded in 2001 by real estate dealer Michael Bruno, the company has become a New York tech success story that has somehow flown under the radar – despite attracting David Rosenblatt as CEO in 2011 (he led DoubleClick to a $3.2 billion sale to Google in 2008).

“We connect buyers with dealers and markets, and that allows us to remain relatively lean while scaling,” Karp said. “We’re the leading site for what we do, but we still have a big opportunity for growth. We’ve made a big push in Europe this year, but we’re only in twelve countries.”

The company employs 130 people – most in their appropriately lavish NY office – and they’re actively hiring more.

1stdibs currently lists ten open positions, though Karp tells us they’re always on the hunt for back-end and front-end engineers. Check out available jobs here.

Now go forth (and splurge).

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