Admission Impossible

This is not a semester at sea.

New York's Admittedly demystifies the college admission process

We get anxiety dreams about a lot of things – missing a flight, getting arrested, losing our Gmail password. But more than any other, we still wake up in a panic thinking we forgot to apply to college. More than a decade later, it’s fair to say the trauma has lingered far longer than we ever thought.

New York’s Admittedly hopes to ease the pre-collegiate pain for both high school students searching for the perfect match and college admissions officers jockeying for great candidates.

Launched in October 2013, the startup has more than 100,000 students using the platform at no cost. After a brief personality quiz and transcript upload, Admittedly matches students with colleges that are best suited to them. Users can then connect with former and current students at the school as well as manage their various applications.

“My last job offered personalized, one-on-one admissions counseling, and it was clear that this was something needed by the bulk of the population, but most people couldn’t afford it,” founder and CEO Jessica Brondo Davidoff told us. “I wanted to create a similar experience that would walk anyone through the process, match them to the right schools, and then ultimately help them get accepted.”

Admittedly is looking for a software engineer and interns – get all the details here. They’ll also be hiring more in 2015 so watch that space.

Now go forth (and chill out).