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New York’s Admittedly levels the college application playing field

Teenagers are not particularly well-known for their decision-making skills. Of course, were it not for that lack of executive function, we would be living in a world without Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and this Aussie kid.

New York’s Admittedly offers those wayward adolescents some guidance, at least when it comes to college admissions. The startup helps high school students identify the best schools for them, assesses their chances for admission, and recommends ways to improve their odds of getting in.

After nearly 10 years working as a private college admissions counselor and test prep instructor, cofounder Jessica Brondo realized that families who could afford the hefty price tag for private counselors were enjoying a major advantage, and she set out to level the playing field.

“I became frustrated with the statistics that more and more students were applying to college, and yet districts were cutting guidance counselors,” Brondo said. “I wanted to create a product that would mimic the customization of a private counselor but incorporate the affordability of some of the more generic options.”

Combining Brondo’s expertise with cofounder Emily Cole’s background in personality psychology and child development, Admittedly launched in May 2013 with an engaging interface that makes the college selection process a lot less daunting to students.

And if you want to help the educated masses yourself, Admittedly is hiring for positions in engineering and product design. They offer team members a choice of a glitter-covered or a fastidiously clean desk to boot. Get more information here.

Now go forth (and seek acceptance).

P.S. You really do owe it to yourself to watch that kid’s interview. Here it is again.

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