New York’s Andela trains the best and brightest in Africa to become world-class software developers

Image courtesy Andela

Untapped Talent

According to Code.org, there will be 1.4 million computing jobs in America by 2020 and only 400,000 computer science students. Across the Atlantic Ocean, Nigeria has a population larger than Russia and a youth unemployment rate of nearly 50%.

For the founders of New York-headquartered Andela, who are a mix of Nigerian and American entrepreneurs, the solution appears obvious. Andela finds the brightest minds in Nigeria and Kenya and trains them to work remotely as world-class software developers.

With a rigorous application process, Andela sorts through tens of thousands of applicants, accepting only 0.6% for their four-year paid training program. Startups such as Udacity and 2U, as well as corporations like Microsoft, have hired Andela grads.

Currently, the company has two campuses in Kenya and Nigeria, with an office in New York City. They hope to expand across the African continent in the years to come. The long-term goal for the company is to train “100,000 developers in Africa over the next 10 years,” marketing associate Katharine Levins told us.

You can learn more about Andela here.

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