Can You Hear Me Now?

Horace sold his other arm to buy this hearing aid.

New York’s Audicus makes noise in the hearing aid industry

Absurd markups on medical necessities are far too familiar in the American marketplace, but few communities experience prices as prohibitive as the hearing impaired – a single hearing aid costs thousands, despite being far cheaper and easier to manufacture than the litany of consumer electronics available for less.

So think of New York’s Audicus as the Warby Parker of hearing aids. Offering devices ranging from $599 to $699 – well below the inflated market norm – Audicus produces and delivers hearing aids and accessories, tuned to the customer’s hearing profile by in-house audiologists. In case the hearing aid isn’t a fit, Audicus offers a 45-day trial and a 1-year warranty.

The company was launched in 2012 after founder Patrick Freuler witnessed a family member struggle with the exorbitant cost of purchasing a hearing aid.

“There’s hardly any insurance in the US that covers this,” Freuler told us. “Most of this is paid out of pocket by the consumer. Out of those 40 million Americans that need a hearing aid, there’s about 30 million that don’t buy them. Over the last two years alone, we saved users over $10 million and transformed thousands of lives.”

Having raised funds this spring, Audicus is scaling up and turning its attention to customer experience and customer acquisition. Currently a staff of 15, Audicus is hiring for five open positions – check them out here.


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