New York’s beer is getting hyperlocal thanks to Tinyfield Roofhop Farms

Cofounders in action, courtesy Tinyfield Roofhop Farms

Something Brewing

The hyperlocal food movement in New York has greens, fish, and veggies covered. Now Brooklyn’s Tinyfield Roofhop Farms is bringing the movement a brand new offering – beer.

Launched by Katrina Ceguera and Keely Gerhold in fall of 2014, Tinyfield has constructed a 500-square-foot greenhouse atop the Pfizer building in Bed-Stuy.

Like Gotham Greens and other rooftop farming projects throughout the city, Tinyfield grows a selection of herbs and lettuce greens. But they also grow hops for local brewers, a crop likely to see enormous growth in demand in the coming years.

In 2013, New York State enacted the Farm Brewery Bill, requiring craft brewers seeking a Farm Brewery license to source at least 20% of the hops from locally grown farms. In 2019, that number jumps to 60%.

According to Tinyfield, however, only 50 acres of hops are currently farmed for production in the state.

“We saw this opportunity, especially in New York City where all these breweries are popping up, to be on the forefront of the bill,” Ceguera said. “We were hoping to position ourselves to be this really hyper-local thing for New York City brewers to take advantage of. To have ingredients from walking, biking distance of wherever they’re brewing.”

You can learn more about Tinyfield Roofhop Farm right here.

Now go forth (and get brewing).


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