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Meet the man behind your thank you notes.

New York’s Bond employs a handwriting robot

If you haven’t seen the military-grade robot cheetah that Google just bought, and you don’t mind spending the rest of the day in a vaguely terrified stupor, you should have a look. We’ll wait.

Thankfully not every piece of robotics technology out there is quite so… existentially threatening.

New York startup Bond is using robots to to bring the act of gift-giving up a notch. Much nicer. Sure the site offers an eclectic array of unusual gifts, but it’s the company’s note-writing robot that distinguishes it from the slew of other curated ecommerce sites.

Yes, among Bond’s employees is a robot that will take any message and write it with a fountain pen on a note card. As we speak, the Jotbot 3000 (yes, we made that name up) is learning new versions of handwriting. It’s not inconceivable that you’ll soon be able to send out notes in your very own script.

Inspiration for the robot came from Bond cofounder Andy Ellwood’s days working for Warren Buffet’s NetJets, where he developed a habit of sending handwritten thank you notes written with a Mont Blanc. “I started a career cold-calling billionaires,” he said. “I had to distinguish myself somehow.”

If you’re looking to add the personal touch without suffering writer’s cramp, you can check out the Bond app for iOS or the website.

The company is also looking for a full-time developer. Get more information about the job here.

Now go forth (and beep boop).

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