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New York’s Boxed offers an alternative to big box hell

When big-box retailers like Costco began popping up, it seemed like a dream come true. Finally Americans could buy in quantities they had always longed for – industrial-sized bags of gummy bears and lifetime-supplies of toilet paper. Unfortunately that convenience comes at a cost – distant locations and Disney-sized waits in line among them.

New York’s Boxed offers shoppers the same bulk quantities and comparable savings, but with a far less excruciating shopping experience – on their mobile device.

Launched last month, Boxed sells around 500 different grocery, health, and household items – orders of $75 or more receive free two-day shipping. Currently, the service is available in 12 northeastern states (and DC), and they’re expanding fast.

The choice to offer Boxed on mobile only is a big part of the company’s game plan.

“If you ask my mother to buy something on mobile, it’s going to feel foreign to her,” co-founder and CEO Chieh Huang told us. “But fast forward 18-24 months and the kids who have only had mobile devices – when that demographic starts gaining purchasing power – [they] will find buying things on desktop computers foreign…”

Boxed currently employs nine fulltime staffers, but they’re always on the hunt for engineers and product managers. Get in touch with them at [email protected] if you’re interested.

You can download the iOS app here – Boxed for Android is promised this month.

Now go forth (and think outside the big box).

Nitty Gritty:

10: # of different caskets sold by Costco

5: # of different pet urns sold by Costco

11: # of states in which Costco offers personal health insurance


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