New York’s Globetops facilitates laptop donations for recipients in need

| 6 years ago

Image courtesy Globetops

Laptop Largesse

As Becky Morrison prepared to return to Guinea to study with a national dance company in 2012, the laptop that the company’s director requested to better manage operations weighed on her mind. A new MacBook would cost thousands, so Morrison took to Facebook and asked if anyone had a spare laptop to give to her friend.

“Within two hours I had ten responses,” Morrison told us. “I just saw that clearly there’s something here. There was this need, and the dots were just waiting to be connected.”

Soon after, Morrison founded Globetops, a New York City-based nonprofit that lets people donate laptops directly to individuals and organizations of their choice.

Globetops arranges free pickups for any donors within the city – those living elsewhere can ship their laptops to Globetops – and then wipes the hard drives and runs diagnostics to ensure the laptops are still fully functional. The laptops are then sent to deserving recipients in more than a half dozen countries, including Guinea, India, and the United States.

“I grew up in the 80s watching dollar-a-day, Sally Struthers, starving children starving children in Africa…” Morrison said. “And then I traveled to India many times, I traveled to Guinea many times, and that’s just not what I saw. I saw passionate, powerful people that didn’t need white people to come and help them – they were already doing amazing things. All we’re doing as Globetops is supplying them with resources so they can accelerate what they’re already doing.”

You can get started on donating your laptop to Globetops here.