New York’s Green Blender is making healthy eating easy

Image courtesy Green Blender

Blender Bender

Filling up on breakfast has never been a challenge – as long as you’re willing to settle for Mickey D’s eggs-and-cheese style fare. Want to start your day with, say, a carrot cantaloupe mango smoothie instead? That takes some serious dedication – and some serious cantaloupe access.

Meet Green Blender, a Brooklyn-based recipe and ingredient delivery service for smoothies. Each week, subscribers receive 5 original smoothie recipes and pre-portioned ingredients to make two 12-oz. smoothies with each recipe.

Founded by health blogger Jenna Tanenbaum and developer Amir Cohen after the couple moved into a Prospect Heights apartment in 2014, Green Blender now delivers to over 10 states in the Northeast. The company raised a $900,000 round of funding this month.

“Amir said it would be great if someone just thought of really unique [smoothie] recipes and gave me just the ingredients I need so I don’t have to buy a whole bag of acai berries or a pound of hemp seed,” Tanenbaum said. “Starting your day off with a healthy decision – we wanted to make that as easy as possible.”

Weekly subscriptions cost $49, with no additional cost for delivery – you can sign up for Green Blender here.

Now go forth (and be smooth).