Hire Ground

New York's Greenhouse improves the recruiting process

If the US military wants to recruit some talent, it’s a straightforward affair – just institute a draft. But for humble corporate America, forever jockeying for new talent, Uncle Sam’s strong-arm techniques simply aren’t a possibility.

New York-headquartered Greenhouse is a software platform that helps companies improve the entire recruiting process, from sourcing talent to interviewing candidates to making an offer.

But Greenhouse isn’t out to reinvent the hiring process; the platform simply makes the experience better for everyone involved.

“Our whole starting point was that what’s needed in this industry is not innovation but execution,” CEO and cofounder Daniel Chait told us. “We know what the best practices are, but it’s demonstrably not getting done. So how do we get people to do these things?”

Although Greenhouse has largely worked with high-growth startups like Uber, Pinterest, and Airbnb, the company has also begun working with significantly larger corporations. “The recruiting process is basically the same at any scale of company,” Chait said, “whether it’s a 25,000-person international organization or a 50-person startup.”

A team of 25, Greenhouse is hiring for ten open jobs in New York – everything from VP of Sales to Full Stack Software Engineer. Get all the details here.

And don’t worry, Greenhouse has its own hiring process down to a science.

Now go forth (and go hire).