Harri is a One-stop Shop for Hospitality Jobs

Sebastian was slowly regaining his ability to point at things.

The Perfect Wait

If you needed proof that good restaurant help is hard to find, then look no further than the oversexed and underachieving servers of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules. Watch the show for ten minutes (we dare you) and you’d think waiting tables largely involved screaming matches during service and sneaking booze from the bar.

That’s where New York’s Harri comes in – the company is looking to be the LinkedIn for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Harri helps both restaurants and waitstaff get off the Craigslist treadmill, offering users the chance to create personalized profiles and the ability to highly refine their job search.

Founded in 2013 by Australian expat Luke Fryer, Harri is the product of his own frustrations. The aptly-named Fryer is a restauranteur-turned-founder, having owned New York’s Yushi Kaiten, Betel, a chain of noodle shops in London, and the sushi restaurant where ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned in 2006. (It wasn’t the food – Litvinenko died from a radioactive polonium-210 poisoning.)

In addition to helping prospective restaurant employees looking for work, Harri is also hiring for positions out of its SoHo office. Get all the details here.