Department of the Interior

Interior design involves more than just adding pillows.

New York’s Homepolish is bringing interior design to everyone

If you didn’t think interior design isn’t an arcane and delicate art, just try navigating the weird world of paint colors without professional guidance. Will you choose “Salty Tear”,“Mayonnaise”, or our favorite, “Potentially Purple”? (Seriously, is the paint incapable of committing to a color?)

For those in need of home or office renovation but without deep pockets, New York’s Homepolish is here to help, connecting users with up-and-coming designers for a $50 consultation fee and inexpensive renovation packages.

The company’s founders – Noa Santos and Will Nathan – met in 2012, when Nathan hired Santos to redesign his Chelsea apartment after moving from San Francisco for a development job at Buzzfeed.

“The experience went so well for the both of us, and we realized we had such complementary skill sets, we decided to launch something that would really impact the industry,” Santos told us.

Now in seven cities across the country, the company is growing fast – Homepolish plans to add six more before the end of the year. “We’ve never raised money so we have to be smart about the way we grow,” Santos said.

A full-time team of 12, Homepolish is hiring community managers in each of their cities, developers, a social media guru, and they’re always on the hunt for interior designers. Get contact information and more here.

And if your office or home is in need of a tune-up, check out Homepolish’s offerings here.

Now go forth (and just call it red).

Nitty Gritty:

100,000: Age, in years, of the earliest human-made paint ever found

1950: Year the first paint by number kit was introduced

1966: Year the Rolling Stones released Paint It Black


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