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New York’s Knewton is moving into millions of classrooms

If a teacher can change the life of just one student, it’s said, then he or she is a success. It’s probably time to raise those stakes.

New York’s Knewton is helping teachers, schools, and test preps do just the that. The company offers an adaptive learning platform, providing students with a personalized educational experience and teachers with deep analytics about students’ progress.

Founded in 2008 by former Kaplan Test Prep executive Jose Ferreira, Knewton spent years building its technology before launching at Arizona State University. And in the last two years the company has made leaps and bounds in the educational tech space.

In June, the company announced a partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, one of the country’s biggest textbook publishers. The deal will bring Knewton’s tech to millions of K-12 students in the US.

“Over the next five years, nearly every kid in America will touch an HMH product and, chances are, they’ll have a personal learning experience through Knewton technology,” David Liu, Knewton’s COO, said.

The 100+ employee company is looking to add 16 new hires in engineering, data science, and more. Details here.

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12/25/1642: Birthdate of Sir Isaac Newton

1/4/1643: Birthdate of Sir Isaac Newton after the adoption of the Gregorian calendar

1936: Year Newton’s extensive alchemical research was first published


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