How NYC’s Knotel Accidentally Became a Coworking Space

Image courtesy Knotel

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The carefully crafted interiors of just about every coworking space in New York give you a glimpse into just how planned all of these communities are. Every piece of reclaimed wood, each carefully graffitied wall, speaks to countless hours of consideration.

New York’s Knotel is a coworking community that grew, in part, by accident.

When Knotable, a productivity startup, moved into its West 17th Street headquarters, they had extra space. So, naturally, they decided to rent office space to like-minded techies.

“Because we were managing the space ourselves, it turned out to be really easy to host professional companies alongside us,” Amol Sarva, cofounder of both Knotel and Knotable, told us. “It grew casually – organically, really – but really quickly. We were doubling in size every six months.”

Today, Knotel occupies four floors of that building, and on November 1, they will officially open their second location on the 25th floor of the southernmost skyscraper in Manhattan. Aside from incredible views, the new Knotel will also offer 250,000 square feet of office space.

They’re already talking about opening two more locations by the end of the year.

“All of these companies are run by serious CEOs,” Sarva said. “So the space is really a crossroads of founders and investors. A lot of coworking spaces talk about community but seem to be filled with amateurs who want to be entrepreneurs.”

If you’re interested in taking a look at Knotel’s newest space, you can drop Sarva a line right here.


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