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"Ladies and gentlemen, we have decided to purchase a desk."

New York's Managed by Q will turn your office up a notch

In an era of telecommuting and coworking, it’s hard enough to get people to come to the office at all. But just try getting people into the office without ample supplies of Diet Coke and Cheetos.

Founded in December last year, New York’s Managed by Q helps companies manage their office space – office cleaning, repairs, and supplies – through an iPad that is installed in the office.

Named for the James Bond character responsible for his gadgets (or the omniscient Star Trek character, depending on whom you ask), Managed by Q actually began life as a tool for residential buildings to manage their maintenance and cleaning.

“We pitched it to 20 different co-op and condo boards in a week and had one warm sale,” cofounder Dan Teran told us. “But some of the board members were office managers and they were stopping us and saying ‘Can our office join the beta?'”

“After we pivoted to the office space,” cofounder Saman Rahmanian continued, “we pitched the idea to 25 offices and 20 of them signed up right there. Since then, we haven’t had a demand problem at all, because we’re solving a problem that every space has – people want to focus on running their business, not cleaning their floors, fixing a running toilet, or ordering more orange juice.”

With clients like Uber, Kickstarter, and Oscar, Managed by Q is now a team of 16. They’re hiring for four open positions and one intern – get all the details here.

Now go forth (and queue up).