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New York’s Pager offers house calls on demand

High-fives heal.

House Calling

We get food delivered when we’re too lazy to move. We buy clothes online because shopping IRL is no fun. But when we’re running a fever or hopping around with a sprained ankle, why are we forced to drag ourselves across town to see a doctor?

Meet Pager, a startup offering on-demand house calls to all five boroughs in New York – the company currently employs about twenty doctors and fifteen nurses.

“Urgent care centers are great and often work very well, but often you’re just stuck in a waiting room for a long time while you are feeling poorly,” GM Toby Hervey told us. “You also don’t know what you’ll get charged.”

Pager, conversely, charges a flat rate: $50 for the first visit, and $200 for every visit after that.

Though the company is focused on urgent and pediatric care services, Pager hopes to start expanding services soon.

“Imagine if you’re able to get your annual physical or if you’re traveling abroad, get your travel vaccinations. Or even down the road, STD testing…” Hervey said. “We’re working on building out all those services.”

You can download Pager for iOS here.

And Pager, fresh off a $10.4 million round of funding and looking to expand fast, will be a hiring company at NYC Uncubed on May 8. You can see all their openings here.

Now go forth (and get better).


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