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New York's Selfie.com gets ahead of the curve

What’s in a name? If your name is Pilot Inspektor, hopefully not much. But for Selfie.com, it means a lot of media attention.

New York’s Selfie is an iOS app that allows users to have asynchronous video conversations with anyone – complete strangers, close friends, experts, or celebrities – posting 24-second video clips and replying to those clips with new videos.

The app officially launched in September, but the startup’s first coup was in securing the domain Selfie.com long before the term had burrowed its way into the English language or onto ABC’s primetime lineup.

“We saw a hole in the social media space where all the cool stuff that goes along with face-to-face communication was missing,” cofounder Alex Lasky told us. “As we were iterating on the project, we were out one night and some girls were taking a picture and they used the term ‘selfie’ and that really resonated for us.”

That was in 2012. Within a year the word “selfie” had become ubiquitous, and people wanted to know who was behind the mysterious splash page at Selfie.com.

“In early investor meetings we had to explain what selfies were,” CTO and technical cofounder T.C. Meggs said. “So when the media started wondering who’s behind this, it was really exciting.”

A team of 15, Selfie is hiring for open positions in mobile and web design, community, and NodeJS development. You can email them here if you’re interested.

You can download the app for iOS here.

Now go forth (and get selfie involved).


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