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TripleMint is Making the Apartment Search a Lot Easier

"And the roller skating rink is right through here."

Hunt and Center

Walk nearly any street in New York City, and another apartment building and Duane Reade are being built. Then why is it so damn hard to find somewhere to live?

TripleMint offers rental and sales listings in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, with a few big differences. The company’s search platform pools listings from local broker databases, giving house-hunters a one-stop destination for their search.

And instead of contacting endless real estate agents, users work with one TripleMint broker who is paid based on customer satisfaction, not commission.

Formerly known as Suitey, the company graduated from ERA in January 2013; in April 2015, they announced raising a $1.7 million seed round.

“When we were building the company, the first thing [cofounder Philip Lang and I] did was become real estate agents,” cofounder David Walker told us. “And the first two things we learned were how valuable a great real estate agent is and how much opportunity there is to leverage software for the consumer, to make the way people buy and sell homes easier.”

Currently a team of thirty, TripleMint is expanding fast – they’re looking for engineers, marketers, and real estate agents. Get the details here.


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