New York’s Un-School aims to inspire creative thinking

Image courtesy Un-School

A New Design

From dumbbells to treadmills to ShakeWeights, there are plenty of tools to give our bodies workouts. As for our brains? The options are a bit murkier.

That’s why Leyla Acaroglu, founder of New York City’s Un-School of Disruptive Design, created Designercise, intended to inspire creative thinking.

The toolkit, which wraps up a successful Kickstarter campaign today, includes card games for improvisation, design, flexible thinking, and storytelling.

Designercise is part of the curriculum at the Un-School, a peer-to-peer knowledge transfer school established in New York by Acaroglu in 2014. For people who do not attend the Un-School, Acaroglu told us, the toolkit will offer an opportunity to run the same kind of creative thinking sessions.

The Un-School is expanding its reach geographically, as well. In November, the Un-School will host a fellowship program in Mexico City. In January, the fellowship program will hit Melbourne – applications open next week.

“We all would argue that having universal access to education for the early parts of our lives is very important. But for many, higher education can be financially inaccessible,” Acaroglu told us. “We see our target audience as people who identify with a non-traditional approach.”

You can learn more about all the happenings at the Un-School here.

Now go forth (and get Un-Schooled).