She Can iCal

Your personal assistant is nearly complete.

New York's x.ai brings AI to the calendar

Ever since HAL 9000 refused to open the pod bay doors, artificial intelligence has gotten a bad rap. Even Elon Musk has taken to warning people about the potential dangers of AI.

To be honest, if AI could simply spare us the hell of trying to schedule a meeting, we’re in.

That’s just what New York startup x.ai is promising – they’re building an AI-powered personal assistant that will handle all of your scheduling needs. After syncing with your calendar, just cc “Amy” on your next email looking for an available time to meet, and “she” will take it from there.

“We treat Amy like a real person,” Pear Benjasirichai, x.ai’s customer acquisition manager, told us. “Our goal is to create a person who is no different than a real personal assistant – a totally seamless tool. Right now she’s probably a reflection of the founders most of all – polite and a little quirky.”

Founded earlier this year, x.ai expects the tool to be ready for the public in the spring of next year, with both a free and enterprise platform. If you can’t wait, get on the waiting list for x.ai’s public beta here.

A team of 12, x.ai is hiring for six open positions in engineering, customer acquisition, and something called an AI Trainer. Get all the details here.

Before you send in that resume, however, be sure to check out the x.ai pledge, which details the company’s culture and values.

Now go forth (and go artificial).


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