Nightmare vacations

| 3 years ago

Unconfirmed footage from Area 51 (via GIPHY)

A Limited Vacation

Settle in, fledgling founders: even after your baby’s been in business for 178 years, it might still go belly-up at a moment’s notice. Thomas Cook, the world’s oldest travel company, has abruptly shuttered, leaving up to a half-million customers stranded abroad with no flight home. For more on the stunning collapse, a hotel “hostage” situation, and an unfortunate turn of events for a Thomas Cook customer literally named Thomas Cook, here’s a rundown from Slate.

Burning Meme

Thankfully, we needn’t count Alienstock attendees amongst the recently stranded. After a viral meme mutated into a “possible humanitarian disaster” reminiscent of 2017’s FyreFest, “Storm Area 51” organizers moved their music/meme festival from the supposedly alien-occupied desert town of Rachel, Nevada to its slightly more developed neighbor, Las Vegas. That didn’t stop a Rachel motel owner from putting on a competing Alienstock at its original location, however. Gizmodo’s Jennings Brown, bless his soul, attended both.

(We’re not aware of any job opportunities at Area 51. But if you’re inspired by the organizers’ efforts here, take a look at these events roles.)


In the event that you do get stranded and need emergency assistance, consider London-based What3words. The app creates a unique three-word “address” for each three square-meter area on the planet, and has been credited in rescues from Everest to Somalia and beyond. But as public service providers begin to utilize What3words more and more, the app’s detractors are making their concerns known.

Off the Record

Everyone loves a good listener — unless that listener is a tech behemoth gaining access to your personal conversations through your digital assistant. As privacy concerns mount, Google has announced that they will provide Google Assistant users clearer opt-in and opt-out opportunities for audio data retention while more aggressively deleting accidental recordings. 

Fintech on the Thames

Step aside, Silicon Alley — there’s a new Fintech capital. CNBC reports that London has boasted the highest number of Fintech fundraising deals in 2019, surpassing both New York City and San Francisco. Feel like pushing the pound into the future? Here are some of the best Fintech opportunities in London.


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