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New York ad tech startup Tapad works in style

At the front desk of Tapad’s third-floor Flatiron District office is a sign adorned with living plants that reads #UNIFY. An ad-tech startup that’s accrued an all-star list of Fortune 500 clients to use their cross-screen marketing technology, Tapad moved into their new offices early last year – and with the move came a new company identity.

“We looked at what our brand meant, and what came out was the tagline: Unify Life Across Devices – that we were solving problems for people that are real life. So everything in our rebrand reflected that,” said SVP of Marketing and Communications Susan Lietz, who oversaw the new office design.

Life in the Tapad office certainly doesn’t seem too bad – there are plants aplenty, views of Madison Square Park, a sound-proofed and decked-out video game room, and a heat-emanating faux fireplace that is, fittingly, a screen. The screen obsession runs deep in the Tapad headquarters – for the holidays, they decorated a Christmas tree with old smartphones in place of ornaments and built a menorah out of tablets.

Founder and CEO Are Traasdahl, who recently returned from CES 2015 in Las Vegas, found inspiration at the event in 2010.

“What I saw there was big screens, small screens, medium-sized screens, screens in cars – I started thinking, what’s the business behind all these screens? There was always a silo of companies working on computers, and a silo of companies working on mobile phones and somebody else working on tablets and somebody else working on watches. But (that’s for) just one person surrounded by all of these screens.”

So Traasdahl founded Tapad with the goal of unifying the consumer experience across multiple screens – initially, for advertising purposes, and now for measurements, research, and content personalization.

Traasdahl says Tapad is always chiefly looking for engineers, but is hiring across the board both in New York and elsewhere as the company looks to grow internationally. See what they’re hiring for here.

And to sneak a peek at Tapad’s offices, look below.

Now go forth (and unify).








Images courtesy Tapad


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