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This thing's taking your job.

NY-based persuasion automation startup Persado raises big

As robots make jobs disappear in manufacturing, agriculture, and even medicine, the humble copywriter has long taken solace in her irreplaceability.

Sorry, wordsmith – you’re next.

New York’s Persado automates copywriting by generating persuasive language determined most effective for driving action. In January, Persado raised a $21 million Series B round, bringing their total funding to $36 million to date.

The platform maps language and creates millions of variations in the text of a given marketing message – think of it as an absurdly expansive A/B test.

“In addition to digital marketing and advertising, the use of optimal language designed to drive action extends to areas like digital health, persuading patients to stick to doctors’ recommendations,” Persado CEO Alex Vratskides said, “…transactions, persuading people to pay bills; citizen compliance, persuading people not to litter or encouraging them to enroll for healthcare… In all cases, Persado is using math and science to eliminate the guesswork of copywriting.”

Brands like American Express, esurance, and Verizon Wireless are already using Persado’s services, and the company has expanded to six offices around the world, in London, San Francisco, Athens, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro.

And Persado is hiring big in New York – among its 17 openings is, ironically enough, a copywriter/proofreader role, for which Persado wants a human.

You can get all the details here.

Now go forth (and persuade somebody).