NYC’s Trove helps design custom jewelry that fits all your specifications

Image courtesy Trove

Custom Creations

In a world of big box stores and chain restaurants, the enlightened consumer faces limited options to show off her individuality. The lure of 3D printing isn’t limited to disrupting supply chains – it also promises a world of customization.

The New York-based startup Trove is bringing that capability to something typically outside the realm of personalization – jewelry.

Using 3D-printing technology and a simple online interface, Trove customers can design accessories out of anything from bronze to 14-karat gold. Once you finish your masterpiece online, Trove will send you a plastic prototype to try on. If the prototype meets your expectations, you can finalize the order and Trove will manufacture the piece out of precious metals.

“If you’ve ever made a custom ring or a custom piece of jewelry, it’s actually a pretty difficult process,” Trove co-founder and CEO Brian Park told us. “You go to the jeweler, you tell them exactly what you want, but it’s actually not quite right… For people who want to design their own jewelry, [Trove] is just simple.”

In the future, Park hopes to expand Trove’s customizability features to home goods or other fashion accessories.

“That’s really the goal of the company,” he said. “To empower the average person to design whatever… so everything in their life can be an expression of what they truly want.”

You can check out Trove here.

Now go forth (and get designing).