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NY’s MAZ spins off a share feature to its own mobile browser

Every four years, some pundit floats the prospect of a third-party candidate. And every four years, the best independent candidate we field is an eccentric (to be kind) millionaire like Donald Trump or Ross Perot.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for a third-party candidate in the digital world.

New York’s MAZ, a digital publishing startup that powers magazines like ForbesStar, and The Economist on the iPad, is making its first foray into standalone apps.

But it’s not just any app – MAZ’s first product, Stream Web, is a mobile browser for iOS launched late last month.

That’s right – a scrappy, 27-person, Flatiron-based startup is taking on Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome.

“About a year-and-a-half ago our CEO decided that we should make a web browser,” social media director Carolyn Canetti told us. “And the CTO and CIO quickly said, ‘No we shouldn’t. We’re in publishing.’ But he managed to convince them that Safari and Chrome really aren’t made for mobile.”

And while the browser offers a slew of gesture-based features you won’t find with the Coke and Pepsi of the mobile web – such as a dual browsing option – MAZ believes the browser’s killer capability is in the integration of their Stream feature, a sharing functionality that works with a slew of online platforms.

MAZ promises that an Android version of the app is coming soon. For now, you can download Stream Web for iOS here.

Now go forth (and take on the big boys).

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