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Oakland’s Educents helps cash-strapped educators get supplies

Without textbooks, students are asked to imagine math instead.

The School for Savings

In the 2012 school year, public school teachers spent an estimated $1.6 billion on classroom tools using their own money. And if you weren’t already aware, the vast majority of public school teachers aren’t pulling in six figure salaries.

Oakland’s Educents is looking to help the overworked and underpaid teachers out there, offering discounted educational products.

A marketplace of over 250,000 users and 5,000 vendors, Educents has saved teachers over $15 million since launching in January 2013, according to the company.

Last month, they announced a $2.9 million seed round.

“We bootstrapped the company for two years with $100,000 of our own money and we’re already profitable,” Kaitlyn Trabucco, cofounder and COO, told us. “But this seed funding will allow us to add a lot of new features, as well as repay the technical debt we raised by scaling so quickly.”

The platform has also been a boon for small publishers and developers. “What Etsy did for crafters, we’re doing for the education space,” Trabucco said. “Small businesses don’t have the budgets to market their amazing products, so getting featured on the site can be a great discovery tool for them.”

Educents is always hiring for developers, and they’re also on the hunt for a director of marketing and some account managers. Get in touch here.

Now go forth (and help a teacher).


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