Our favorite National tech stories this August

Sorry, summer. The end is near.

Best of August

September is going to usher in some monumental changes – Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” debut chief among them. But before we look too far ahead, let’s look back on our favorite Wakefield National stories of the past month.

Deep Hover
For every drone delivering medicine to pop-up health clinics, there’s another delivering drugs to prisoners. For every drone used to fight deforestation, there’s another used to make it rain – with cash, that is. Dive into the strangest uses of drones we’ve seen, here.

In Case You Mist It
As towns across California enforce strict water usage laws in the midst of a punishing drought, one Silicon Valley startup is taking on a particularly wasteful water use: showers. Nebia Shower is a showerhead that cuts typical usage by 70%, applying tech used for agricultural irrigation to disperse droplets over a wider area. See why Nebia is gaining a massive Kickstarter backing, right here.

Face The Facts
Facial recognition software can be used in some pretty amazing ways; take Finding Rover, which helps match owners with lost dogs. On the flipside, Churchix helps parishes track individual attendance, allowing them to hone in on those in the flock who are straying. See how facial recognition tech is being used across the world, for better or worse, here.

Who Made It?
Tech gigs are thankless no longer – Makerbase is a recently launched platform that showcases the engineers, designers, and developers behind the apps, sites, and software we so often use. Beyond giving hard-earned credit to the minds behind popular tech, the Makerbase team hopes to present a valuable networking resource. Learn more here.

Now go forth (and be even better).