Our favorite New York tech stories this August

A metaphor sinks in Brooklyn.

Best of August

Summer 2015 might have come and gone without a clear winner for Song of the Summer, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun. Check out our favorite New York stories from August.

Talking Trash

“Garbage in, garbage out,” goes the old developer’s adage. But in the case of New York City, even the trash is getting a tech makeover. Check out the many ways the city is transforming its recycling and waste management here.

Wheel Life

Does New York need yet another car sharing program? That’s just what Car2go is about to find out. The Austin-headquartered startup launched a pilot program in Queens this month. Hitch a ride and learn more here.

Spilled Ink

Amid a sea of layoffs and dire financial predictions, at least one investigative journalism outfit is making it work. New York’s ProPublica is coming off a $2.2 million round of funding with new initiatives and more content. Go deep here.

There Is Power In a Union

Why have so many New York media outlets suddenly started unionizing, and what does it mean for the future of journalism? We took a stab at understanding one of the biggest stories in new media this year right here.

Now go forth (and go autumnal).


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